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Reendodoncia s dr. Enricom Cassai. Praktický 3 dňový workshop, Ferrara-Taliansko, 9.-11.marca 2024

  • Aktuálnu cenu vstupného sa dozviete na stránke OHI-S
  • Dátum: 9.-11.marca 2024

Využite jedinečnú príležitosť a zakúpte si vstupenku na workshop so zľavou 5%, zadaním kódu: STOMADEUS5 v nákupnom košíku na stránke OHI-S, kliknutím na obrázok nižšie: 

Endodontická liečba s dr. Enricom Cassai v Ferrara


3 days of theory-to-practice immersion in an Enrico Cassai advanced endodontics office course!

Topics that will be covered in the training:

Day 1 – theory:

  • rationale of treatment
  • removal of different posts
  • removal of previous root canal fillings
  • removal or surpassing of fractured instruments
  • MTA clinical applications.

Day 2 – hands on:

  • canal re-entry
  • removal of an endocanal screw and a carbon fiber post
  • canal emptying in cases with gutta-percha, cement or Thermafil
  • applications of the MTA in cases of perforations and an open apex.

Day 3 – live on patient under the guidance of Enrico Cassai.


Day 1 – theory

  • Rationale of Retreatments: indications, contraindications and alternatives
  • Pulp chamber reopening: use of Ultrasonic Tips
  • Removal of different posts: screwed, fiber and cast posts
  • Removal of previous root canal fillings: paste, cements, gutta-percha, silver cones and Thermafil
  • Overcoming canal obstacles: plugs, steps and false roads
  • Removal or surpassing of fractured instruments: IRS, Cancellieri’s Kit and ProUltra 6, 7, 8 ultrasonic microscopy inserts
  • The operating microscope: working positions, advantages of vision and magnification
  • MTA сlinical application: treatment of perforations, closure of open apex.

Day 2 – hands on

Exercise on teeth appropriately prepared before by Dr. Cassai’s Staff of:

  • Canal re-entry
  • Removal of an endocanal screw and a carbon fiber post
  • Canal emptying in cases with gutta-percha, cement or Thermafil
  • MTA: filling a perforations and an open apex.

Day 3 – Live on patient

Presentation of the retreatment case that Dr. Cassai would approach under microscope. Clinicians could follow directly live every clinical step on different monitors.

At the end of the treatment there will be an open discussion with all the participants.