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Ako na fazety s použitím APT konceptu. Guru estetickej stomatológie dr. Galip Gurel a jeho 2-dňový workshop, Istanbul 16.-17. februára 2024

  • Aktuálnu cenu vstupného sa dozviete na stránke OHI-S
  • Dátum: 16.-17. februára 2024

Využite jedinečnú príležitosť a zakúpte si vstupenku na workshop so zľavou 5%, zadaním kódu: STOMADEUS5 v nákupnom košíku na stránke OHI-S, kliknutím na obrázok nižšie: 

Istambul, Fazety s použitím APT konceptu




Workshop from the guru of aesthetic dentistry Galip Gurel in Istanbul!

The course includes a theoretical part, in which you together with the lecturer will study:

  • a detailed protocol for the preparation of teeth, including an analysis of the burs used
  • rules for working with gingiva
  • creation of analog and digital mock-up
  • step-by-step protocol for creating Aesthetic Pre-evaluative Temporaries (APT)
  • planning an individual smile design 
  • step-by-step protocol for creating, fixing and finishing indirect restorations.

And on the practical part, you will be able to work out the knowledge gained in theoretical sessions.


Day 1 

Morning session  

Basic introduction to the APT concept  

  •  The story of APT (Aesthethic Pre-evaluative Temporaries) 
  • The story of the silicone indexes 
  • The story of the preparation through the APT technique 
  • Basic analog workflow for the anterior bonded porcelain restorations. 

Video of a live recorded case   

Tooth Preparation by Dr. Gurel (VIDEO DEMONSTRATION) 

  • Designing the smile  
  • Mock-up — Wax-up  
  • Preparing silicone indexes in the lab or chair side  
  • Analyzing the smile with the indexes  
  • Aesthetic pre-recontouring — APR (if needed)  
  • Aesthetic Pre-evaluative Temporaries — APT  
  • Evaluation of the aesthetics through APT  
  • Evaluation of occlusion through APT  
  • Evaluation of phonetics through APT  
  • Tooth preparation through the APT  
  • Using depth cutters 
  • Using extra fine diamond burs  
  • Finishing the margins  – Utilizing the loops and microscope 
  • Customising your Arkansas stone burs for finalising gingival margin preparations  
  • Using the softlex paper discs during the preparation 
  • Handling exposed dentin at time of preparation  
  • Impression making using retraction cords (if needed)  
  • Provisionals (discussing different techniques depending on different indications)  
  • Rechecking the provisionals for aesthetics, functions, and phonetics.

Afternoon session

  • Importance of the mock up (analog/digital)  
  • Presenting the case to the patient - the direct mock up 
  • The mock up as the navigator  
  • The mock up as the diagnostic tool  
  • Classification and different types of direct mock up  
  • The Art of the Personalized Smile Design  
  • Different personalities, different choices  
  • Personality traits (Hippocrates)  
  • Different cultures, religions, backgrounds, traditions.. however a single universal VISUAL LANGUAGE (Carl Jung)  
  • Understanding the basic shapes and their perception  
  • Difference between looking and seeing  
  • Analysis of the face and its perception  
  • Analysis of the personality  
  • Research amongst the dentists about perception  
  • How to relate the Visual language and the shapes to the facial anatomy and personality  
  • How to clinically apply the technique.


Day 2

Morning session


  • Tooth preparation techniques for complicated situations (in details) 
  • Additive vs Subtractive conditions 
  • How to deal with the protruded teeth 
  • How to handle teeth that are excessively positioned palatally.

Hands on  

 Hands-on Course On Models For All Participants:

  • Mock-up (according to Visagismile and REBEL proposal) 
  • Preparing the translucent silicon impression through the wax up model  
  • Preparing the silicon index  
  • Checking the smile with index  
  • Aesthetic Pre-recontouring — APR  
  • Aesthetic Pre-evaluative Temporaries — APT   
  • Evaluation of aesthetics through APT    
  • Tooth preparation through the APT 
  • Using depth cutters 
  • Using different diamond burs 
  • Finishing the margins  
  • Modifying the translucent silicon impression for the provisionals 
  • Making the provisionals using RSVP technique  
  • Rechecking the provisionals for aesthetics.

Afternoon session

  • Bonding - adhesives 
  • Update on Dental adhesives 
  • The hybrid layer 
  • Ingredients of the adhesive systems 
  • How to classify the adhesive systems in their most simplistic way 
  • Total etch vs. Self etching 
  • Advantages vs. Disadvantages, when to use which one? 
  • Possible post-op problems 
  • Light sources (important or not)  
  • Video of the live recorded case (from the first day)  
  • Bonding the Porcelain Laminate Veneers by Dr. Gurel  
  • Removing the provisionals  
  • Try-in  
  • Whether or not to use the rubber dam  
  • Surface treatment of the prepared tooth surface  
  • Surface treatment of the intaglio surface of the porcelain restoration  
  • Seating the porcelain restoration  
  • Bonding the Porcelain Laminate Veneers 
  • Light curing (Technique for the minimum invasive margin cleaning)  
  • Final Cleaning (burs or ?) 
  • Checking the aesthetics, occlusion.